The planning process

The journey

As Chartered Architects, we will be able to guide you through the many issues encountered during the building process. Planning applications are not as straight forward as they once were.

After the drawings have been produced various documents, relevant to the application, are required. These are produced either by the architect or other specialists managed by him. 

Here are some of the national and local requirements which may need to be addressed on even simple domestic applications:

Design and Access Statements
Planning Statement
Tree Survey
Lighting Scheme
Transport Statement
Sunlight/Daylight Assessment
Floor Risk Assessment
Sustainability Statement
Noise Impact Assessment
Land Contamination Report
Heritage Statement
Archaeology Study
Waste Minimisation Statement
Biodiversity Checklist or Study

The list goes on…

Once Planning Permission is granted the list gets longer complying with Building Regulations. We will guide you through the process as required.